Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Houshmandzadeh has left the building...

I have been a loyal Cincinnati Bengals fan for many...many years and now our beloved receiving duo is no more. TJ ((Houshmandzadeh)) has gone on to become (pause for dramatic affect) a Seattle Seahawk (insert gas face >> <<). Chad and TJ have been playing side by side since their days at Oregon State. When you see 85 on one end of the field you expect to see 84 at the other end and that has come to an end. After years of playing 2nd fiddle to Chad, the past few seasons we've witnessed TJ blossom into a Pro Bowl caliber receiver and go on to lead the Bengals in receptions. It's a sad...sad day in Bengal land. I'm not mad at TJ for chasing the paper but it will take some adjusting. For the record, I REFUSE to ever purchase a #18 Seahawks jersey in honor of TJ but will proudly rock my now "THROWBACK" #84 Houshmandzadeh in remembrance of the gold old days. (((TEARS)))

(Cue in , "it's so hard to say goodbye to yesterdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay" Cooley High version)

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