Thursday, July 12, 2007

Personal Soul Style:Take 1!

Check out the pictures of these super fly style conscience folks that I spotted while I was out crusading around town. Check out how they rocked the scarves!!!! Don't you just love it!

Monday, July 9, 2007

City of Ink: A day In The Tattoo Saloon

Over the weekend I visited City Of Ink aka C.O.I. One of the hottest tattoo saloons in Atlanta,Ga, for my weekly fix of outside artsy fartsy inspiration. C.O.I. houses a family of artistically gifted rebels that have been taking the body art arena by storm. Resident tattooist include "TaTStar" of C.O.I. aka Tuki, Master Tattoo Artist Miya Bailey, Corey
and a new edition to the C.O.I ( BUT DEFINITELY NOT NEW TO THE TATTOO GAME!) Julia Alphonso.

I ended my fix when the little mother of the house of C.O.I.,RECHELLE, got double blasted by Miya and Tuki for being a horrible D.J.

So for great art for your body and home and even a little fashion inspiration visit City Of Ink located at 323 Walker St. Atlanta,Ga 30313(Castle Berry Hill area).Check out there myspace page @ .