Friday, June 24, 2011

Most Epic Moment in B.E.T. Awards History!

So its The B.E.T. AWARDS in Los Angeles, Ca this weekend and what better way to kick off this weekend but to revisit (imo) one of the most EPIC moments in history of the B.E.T. Award speeches.

--Technical Issues--For some reason I cannot find the speech..
It was 2004 and his last performance at the B.E.T Awards... 
And if you didnt't know who Rick James was... after this speech you definitely did!!!


Here is an added treat of rare footage that I stumbled upon taken by PHATEFX... as told by Rick James himself. Check it out!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

|Flaucy Fits|

I'm from a somewhat small city, where everyone knows everyone by your first and last name. The high lights of the city include the newly developed( maybe about 9 years now) Home Depot Center, and ..... I think that's all. But If your from a somewhat small city similar to mine... You'll understand how important it is to "Rep Yo City" Check out this dope line by FLAUCY FITS that highlights the City of Carson.  Flaucy Fits is also your source for any screen printing needs.
 Below you can check out their new commercial!

|SFBE 2|


Recently, I found out that my bff's twin sister had been diagnosed with breast cancer.  It was a total WTF moment.Especially since just 3 months prior when my bff had terrible complications with her pregnancy. So to then get this news about her sister, my peer, my friend was shocking and a true reality check.  

With that I couldn't shed tears or be sad... but I did decide to partner with mutual friends of hers to create a t-shirt that simply means "WE SUPPORT YOU, WE LOVE YOU AND WE KNOW THAT YOU WILL GET THROUGH THIS LITTLE OBSTACLE."

But I didn't want all of that to be on the shit... so we simply created the t-shirt to say "TEAM NEKA".

The t-shirt design was created by Keven Digital of KRJ Productions.  The print and production was by FLAuCy Designs. Special thank you to these fellas, they did an awesome job to create this shirt.