Friday, June 24, 2011

Most Epic Moment in B.E.T. Awards History!

So its The B.E.T. AWARDS in Los Angeles, Ca this weekend and what better way to kick off this weekend but to revisit (imo) one of the most EPIC moments in history of the B.E.T. Award speeches.

--Technical Issues--For some reason I cannot find the speech..
It was 2004 and his last performance at the B.E.T Awards... 
And if you didnt't know who Rick James was... after this speech you definitely did!!!


Here is an added treat of rare footage that I stumbled upon taken by PHATEFX... as told by Rick James himself. Check it out!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

|Flaucy Fits|

I'm from a somewhat small city, where everyone knows everyone by your first and last name. The high lights of the city include the newly developed( maybe about 9 years now) Home Depot Center, and ..... I think that's all. But If your from a somewhat small city similar to mine... You'll understand how important it is to "Rep Yo City" Check out this dope line by FLAUCY FITS that highlights the City of Carson.  Flaucy Fits is also your source for any screen printing needs.
 Below you can check out their new commercial!

|SFBE 2|


Recently, I found out that my bff's twin sister had been diagnosed with breast cancer.  It was a total WTF moment.Especially since just 3 months prior when my bff had terrible complications with her pregnancy. So to then get this news about her sister, my peer, my friend was shocking and a true reality check.  

With that I couldn't shed tears or be sad... but I did decide to partner with mutual friends of hers to create a t-shirt that simply means "WE SUPPORT YOU, WE LOVE YOU AND WE KNOW THAT YOU WILL GET THROUGH THIS LITTLE OBSTACLE."

But I didn't want all of that to be on the shit... so we simply created the t-shirt to say "TEAM NEKA".

The t-shirt design was created by Keven Digital of KRJ Productions.  The print and production was by FLAuCy Designs. Special thank you to these fellas, they did an awesome job to create this shirt.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"I'm also demanding, stubborn, self sufficient and always right"- Samantha Jones sexinthecity I'm sooo samantha!!! Lol
Good A.M.... Just discovered seesmic for Blackberry... Awesome app for managing|posting to all my twitter handles and ping amilate
This necklace reminds me of candy land...What do you think?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dumb Fresh|Little Fish in a Big Pond

Hey Lovies, 
I stumbled upon a really cool interview about a lifestyle clothing line called DUMB FRESH ... I was amazed at how affordable and fresh the pieces were.  I love what their logos of the Goldfish symbolize, read about it in the interview.

Check out the interview HERE!!

Below are a few pieces from Dumb Fresh... 



Friday, April 22, 2011

|Shoe Fetish|

 Hello Lova....Where have you been all my life?

Vespadrille Wedge Bootie


Monday, April 18, 2011

|Shoe Shelf|

I keep seeing this great way to store your shoes in magazines and I had to try it! In the April 2011 edition of Teen Vogue the fashion wardrobe closet for shoots was shown and I just had to have something like that for my room. Soooooo I went to IKEA and found a tall book shelf for $69.99 . It came in two colors the dark brown and birchwood. As you can see, I chose the dark brown. It's where I can house all my pretty heels and favorite shoes.
The downside: I was only able to pack 24 pairs in the book shelf.
The upside : It helps me get dressed a little bit faster now that I can see my shoe goodies!
I absolutely love it. Try it if you can!
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|Forever Love|

His complexion makes me love chocolate. The softness of his skin makes me want to never give up my down. His imperfections I adore. From his rough feet to his burly snore..To lie on his chest and feel the vibration of his breath, it's the simplest seduction. To be blind and know his touch in a crowded room..My forever love.
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Friday, April 1, 2011


I was his gypsy girl...consumed my heart from the first day we stable as a light switch, on again off again.Reasons null and void. But was swept away with every ray of light. Didn't expect this new day,but open heartedly I welcomed him back. And how ironic the time...Having once loved with blind furry| now slightly tainted from a modern's a topsy-turvy life searching for its perfect imperfections| but what is life if you don't live it with the one you love...
|joie de vivre|

i just thought of my next tattoo..... 

Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Cake Mamas|1st Annual Girls Helping Girls Event

This past weekend my client, The Cake Mamas hosted the 1st Annual Girls Helping Girls Female Entrepreneur/Girls Scouts Event in Glendora,CA.  It was awesome!!!! We had over 30 participant/vendors, DJ Jiji Sweet of 102.3 , 2 food trucks, performances and sooo much more.  Below is the video from the event created by Jorge Martinez from JMZ Films.

Check it out! 

The Cake Mamas + Girl Scouts L.A. 1st Annual 'Girls Helping Girls' from Jorge on Vimeo.

Monday, March 14, 2011

New Music: Grip Plyaz "WHATDAHELLRDOZE"

Grip Plyaz featuring Tuki ( of Hollyweerd) "WHATDAHELLRDOZE"

I like this guy right here! He reps the south to a T, with that Southern "Gripalect" ( Grip Dialect). Tuki of Hollyweerd, joins him on this track for a traditional roasting session. I've hung out with these two dudes before, and this song if definitely reflective of atypical nite out with these two, roasting on the fashionably challenged.

New Video|Hollyweerd|YellowPages

You gotta love these guys... maybe I'm biased because they are family. But here's a video from the dynamic four entitled YELLOW PAGES. This song took me back with a great feeling of that good ole'  90's hiphop from Cali groups like Pharcyde and Souls of Mischief.

Take a look. Embrace the movement. Follow them on Twitter to stay up to date on new music and shows.

Hollyweerd "Yellow Pages" from 3 Little Digs on Vimeo.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Trailor: The Kendrick Lamar Experience

The revitalization of West Coast Music

Somebody has been sleeping.... I dare admit it was me...

Post courtesy of

Tattoo Tic Tac Toe

I love my ATL City of Ink fam, they never cease to amaze me with the level of energy that they live their life all for the sake of art and passions...

Check out Corey Davis as he gets tatted by other City Of Ink artist Chris Macadoo and Melvin Todd...

Ya gotta love it!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

|Brown Paper Dolls| Love.Dream.Go.|

Who| Asha Kamali May, Dana Gills, Jeanette McDuffie

Why are they fly| These ladies are the founders of Brown Paper Dolls,an L.A. based film, t.v. and multimedia  production company and the creative minds behind the new Milk + Honey Series.   

What| Milk + Honey is the story of four African-American women living in LA and it shows the spiritual, professional and romantic journeys they take, to make their dreams a reality. It is executive produced by Idris Elba.
This series stars some of your favorite actors ; Lance Gross, Faune Chambers, Bryce Wilson and features Debbie Allen.  

When| On January 18, 2011 you can catch the trailer for Milk + Honey  HERE! 

Follow on Twitter: @MILKHONEYSERIES