Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Yelawolf|DCMA Laws

So I recently posted on Yelawolf and someone complained about my post, alerting blogger and the post was taken down.  I'm not sure was was infringed  so I will halt on my @yelawolf posts for now....

And to think I logged in to post some new stuff about him today....

Well check out "The Bamma Who Cried Wolf" Mini Documentary done by Yours Truly about @Yelawolf over at  Miss Info!


Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Music|Fashion: EarLace|Alkhemi Jones

|Megan Good earlaced by Lace by Tayana|

I'm not sure who invented this earlace but I have spotted it around lately... and i like it!!! It's a combination of a pair of earrings and necklace tied in one. It's very 80's influenced.  I have seen many variations of it, including leather.  

And it's always dope when you see new artists that can either rock the newest trends or absolutely KILL the things that not everyone would be able to pull off.  

New songstress Alkhemi Jones does just that!!

And I know you're wondering "Who is Alkhemi Jones? A dope songstress on the rise whose music is Hip Hop|Rock|R&B|Alternative| and everything in the middle.  Some say she is an undeniable mix of Erykah Badu, Laury Hill, Andre 3000 and a twist of UGK. I believe she's just pure doPeNess!

Peep the behind the scenes footage for her video "Dreamin"....

For more on Alkhemi Jones Go HERE NOW!!!

A Colored Girl Vents....

                                                                  (Image of Tiffany Armstrong)

So this bitch said she couldn’t relate.
Last night I had the unpleasing pleasure of sitting across from a black girl who almost looked like me. But never will I say had the same poise or demeanor as me.  But she did look like me. Had her body garnished with tattoos like me. Earrings similar to a pair on my dresser dangled from her ear. Three or four inch heels secured her feet, sort of like the one of hundreds that lay one on top of the other in my closet. But this bitch said she couldn’t relate.
She couldn’t relate to me, not actually me, because I dare have shared that I too had once called out from work because the bruise over my eye would had absolutely killed my sales for the day. I was selling men shoes at that time in my life; Or that I had witnessed men who hopped in and out of the box of heterosexual and homosexual activities. Or that I’ve shared stories with friends who had either lost their virginity at a young age or had their hearts once broke or twice.
So yeah it was me too that she couldn’t relate to, not just the shells or examples of many women that were portrayed.
And offended I was.
And I guess my dismay was more my fault for relating too much. But honestly it’s not so much of being able to RELATE
BUT understanding that these situations are relative to “colored girls” or women in general not born in lily white shell flanked sugar and spice and everything nice.
Now I’m not going to front or even “high-side” and tell you that I read the book or experienced the play.
But I will tell you that I have the compassion, understanding, and plain right sense to know of the possibilities of such situations and to hold my judgment or p.o.v- lips shut- to avoid parading that ignorance
My friend had to tell me to just “eat my dinner” to avoid the heightened conversation that was about seven seconds from happening with this “bitch”
And please excuse my vulgarity; it’s simply my disbelief from the audacity of this “bitch”

But I suppose her audacity comes from never being called “colored”; you know that shit happened to me during my Spring 10’ Marketing 302 course and I was left sitting their dumbfounded

But I wonder what she could relate to. You know there was just a new movie called RED that came out, was that relative to her. Or what about those new artists Nicki Minaj, VV Brown, Muffy, were they relative to her life.  Oprah, Keyshia Cole, Nina Brown, maybe Cameron Diaz. Hell Nautica De La Cruz… I just wondered.

And I just had to take a deep breath< insert SMH here> because if a story like that isn’t in someway relative to your life in 2010, hats off and kudos and bravos to being oblivious to LIFE. 

and by the way... the movie was awesome.