Wednesday, January 11, 2012


This was such a beautiful story, and I had to share this video that my folks @ KRJ Productions put together for the bride and groom. To much heartache, the groom lost his bride to lung cancer only one month after this beautiful wedding.  This video speaks sooo many volumes that I cant help to shed a tear when I watch.

If you missed out on this story between Keasha &Chris Draft, enlighten yourself HERE! & Chris Draft Wedding Trailer from PRODUCTIONS on>
Video Courtesy of KRJ Productions. Rutledge Draft Photo Montage from PRODUCTIONS on>
Video Courtesy of KRJ Productions.

Milk+ Honey Episode 2

There's not much I need to say about this post but pardon my absence....

But check out episode 2 of Milk+Honey a webisode created by brown paper dolls and executive produced by Hot Chocolate Idris Elba!

I love the content of this web series. I watch it anticipating the next episode, it's refreshing!! Take a watch and pass it on!! + honey: episode 2 from paper dolls on>


Blonde Bald Bombshell

So my account has been hacked into and someone has been posting these stupid posts on my blog... Really.? What is this world coming to. Get your own blog. I guess that was a clear sign that I have seriously been neglecting STARRSTRUKKSOUL!! My dearest apologies...

Now with all that said, My favorite bald blond bombshell, Amber Rose, released a single yesterday entitled FAME. And ofcourse people are going to have their opinions about the "artistic quality" of the song because she didnt enter this game as a musician, but I think it was pretty cool. 

But you be the judge and take a listen for yourself.

Videos courtesy of The BreakFast Club"> name="movie" value="" />

She also sat down with The Breakfast Club. She just comes off so honest and transparent, I love that about her!"> name="movie" value="" />