Thursday, July 12, 2007

Personal Soul Style:Take 1!

Check out the pictures of these super fly style conscience folks that I spotted while I was out crusading around town. Check out how they rocked the scarves!!!! Don't you just love it!

Monday, July 9, 2007

City of Ink: A day In The Tattoo Saloon

Over the weekend I visited City Of Ink aka C.O.I. One of the hottest tattoo saloons in Atlanta,Ga, for my weekly fix of outside artsy fartsy inspiration. C.O.I. houses a family of artistically gifted rebels that have been taking the body art arena by storm. Resident tattooist include "TaTStar" of C.O.I. aka Tuki, Master Tattoo Artist Miya Bailey, Corey
and a new edition to the C.O.I ( BUT DEFINITELY NOT NEW TO THE TATTOO GAME!) Julia Alphonso.

I ended my fix when the little mother of the house of C.O.I.,RECHELLE, got double blasted by Miya and Tuki for being a horrible D.J.

So for great art for your body and home and even a little fashion inspiration visit City Of Ink located at 323 Walker St. Atlanta,Ga 30313(Castle Berry Hill area).Check out there myspace page @ .

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Turban Wars

Prada Spring Runway 2007: I wanted to share my affinity you about turbans. Just hot for the spring!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Fellas! You can do it too!

Dear GUY,
I couldnt leave you out of my obsession. You can wear scarves too! Every woman needs a fly counterpart. Here's how to add a little GQ to your style. Now let's see.... Premium Denim...Check! Semi -Fitted Tee (Round neck or V)...... Check! and finish it off with this little something something!

Hot Timeless Accessory: The Scarf

Lately I have been over fascinated with scarves. They have become an essential piece in my wardrobe regardless of the climatic or fashionable season trend.

The key in adding that extra "UMMMPH" to a simple or basic top and bottom is changing up the traditional way of wearing the scarf. You can go from the traditional Lucille Ball necktie to: "Hellooooo" NY Fashion Week!

Try bold prints, oblong or square scarfs ....Just don't be afraid to add something new to your wardrobe!

BTW: Lucille Ball was HOT