Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I was up late night and found this video of Ciara's new agency, UDT ( Universal Dance and Talent) some innovators flexin the "jerk" Movement, a new west coast movement (that like with everything else originated in the streets;So u know the "Jerk" movement is not a trend, but a lifestyle thang!..) We all know CICI kills it on the dance floor, so check out the video..... Also check out babygirl in the ugg boots, she goes ham!!

Monday, July 20, 2009


I have totally been on hiatus from writing... I am sorry...

There have been many events that have passed without a mere comment from me.. I am sorry..

The King of Pop Micheal Jackson, Steve McNair, Farah Faucet, Ed Mc Mahon...R.I.H.

Below is a clip provided by KRJ Productions, from a SOL Fusion party, themed Tribute to the King of Pop..... I wish I was there looks like it was super fun...
Check it out!

A Tribute to the King of Pop from kdygitle on Vimeo.