Friday, March 13, 2009

Goldi Gold lights it up on Greedmont Park

Shouts out to my fam over at Greedmont Park for doing the dope interview on Goldi Gold!!!

Photo by Hannibal Matthews

Jerzey Bred , but laying his head in the A, Goldi Gold is an amazing artist. if you havent had the opportunity to experience his work ( which always leaves you saying "Damn thats dope!") you are so sleeping and pleeeeaaaasssseee go HERE for full article now.

Also check out his blog and myspace.....
Goldi if your readin this ... right now im putting a spell on your computer so that you will be out of commission on your posts.....(>>> insert evil laugh here>>)

Before: This is my selfportrait Goldi piece
Finished piece
"Everybody Can't Be a Star"

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