Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Eastern conference is overrated...

We are entering the final stretch of the NBA season. Less than a month to go before playoffs gets underway. My beloved Clippers were injury prone all season and have no hopes of making the playoffs, they better start throwing some games in hope of a high lottery pick.

While going over conference standings (yeah...I do that), I noticed the bottom two seeds in the East (Chicago and Detroit) are under .500 and the rest of the seeds up to the current #4 slot (Atlanta) are barely at the .500 mark. Are you serious?! Of course the three dominant squads Cleveland, Boston and Orlando are way ahead of the pack. Over in the Western conference the current 8th seed (Dallas) has a record of 42-28 and is at the .600 mark. In the Eastern conference they would be a strong 4th seed.

Say what you want but the East isn't any competition to the West. Yeah Boston won last year but it wasn't because they beat the Lakers, the Lakers beat themselves.

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