Wednesday, March 11, 2009


For all my "FANS" out there (lol...I have fans dammit) that miss my sports rants I've decided to stage a boycott and not post anything sports related until the Clippers win a game. I mean are they setting themselves up for that #1 draft pick...I'm saying. And for the love of Mary and Joseph I don't see how Dunleavy still has a job. Hell Phoenix let Terry Porter go not even at the half way point of the season and the Suns were above .500. I love my Clippers but damn...they are making me look bad.



Acevac said...

Negrette please you need to blog about them WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP STEELERS OR how Pittsburgh bout to win the Final Four!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nik E. said...

Steelers...NEVER! They don't like black folks in Between the Clippers taking all these L's and TJ leaving the Bengals...I'm in sports hell