Monday, February 2, 2009


The NFL season has officially come to an end ((insert sad face >>>_<<<))! Last night’s super bowl turned out to be better than many expected. I sure wish the Cards had played the intensity and sense of urgency they had in the 4th quarter the entire game. Larry Fitzgerald wasn’t even a factor until the fourth quarter grabbing 2 touchdowns, prior to that he had 1 reception for like 12 yards. Now I expected cover 2 defense on Fitz but I just knew Boldin would have a break out party this game (he didn’t) and the Cards rushing yardage was terrible. I must admit I did have a slight smirk on my face for a good 5 seconds after the Cards grabbed the lead late in the 4th to go up by 3points. That is until I looked at the clock and saw the Steelers were getting the ball back with over 2 minutes remaining, all their timeouts and the 2 minute warning in their favor. As much as I despise the Steelers and those god awful Terrible Towels, I knew it was just too much time remaining. While I had my fingers crossed for overtime match-up Santonio Holmes killed my little dreams. While I refuse to give my Congrats to the Steelers ((HEY I’M A BENGALS FAN AND STILL NOT OVER WHAT THEY DID TO MY MAN CARSON IN THE 05 PLAYOFFS…SUE ME!!)) I will say the team that played best for the entire 60 minutes won the game.

Now that the big game is over guys are getting ready to head to Hawaii for the Pro Bowl. Whoever came up with the idea of having a All Star football game at the end of the season is crazy as hell. While I'll watch (just cause it gives me a chance to see guys with their helmets off) that is one boring ass game!

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