Monday, February 16, 2009

All-Star Saturday Night Recap

The NBA was on center stage this past weekend and how could you not enjoy every minute of it! Starting Friday night with Kevin Durant (OKC Thunder) taking the MVP trophy as the Sophomores went on to beat the Freshman in the Rookie Game.

Saturday was one of the better NBA Saturday events in many…many years. It’s nice to have young men with character in the league. Durant won the newly added game of H-O-R-S-E, Chicago’s on Derrick Rose won the Skills Challenge, Detroit won the Shooting Stars Challenge, Daequan Cook (Miami Heat) won the 3 point challenge over favored back-to-back 3 point champ Jason Kapono but the event of all events…the Slam Dunk contest.

Now the past two years of the contest has been pretty decent. During the 06-07 all star dunk contest you had the battle between Andre Iguodala and little Nate Robinson with Nate prevailing with nice dunk over Spud Webb. On to 07-08 the Great Superman emerged courtesy of the charismatic Dwight Howard, sending the Dunk contest in a roar with his high flying SUPERMAN dunk.

This year both Nate and Dwight came to put on a show. Now Rudy Fernandez and JR Smith (My boy) did their thing in the first round but the stage was set for Superman and KryptoNate. The 2nd round included costume changes as Superman (D.Howard) transformed from his telephone booth and dunked on a 12ft backboard. Nate Robinson shut the event down emerging from the locker room in all KRYPTONITE green and dunked over 6’ll Dwight Howard. This year the fans were allowed to vote for the dunk contest and with 52% of the votes KRYPTONATE took home the trophy. I love this game

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