Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fashion Corner: Thrifting O' Thrifting!

So I fulfilled my weekly thifting ritual last nite and went to Value Village. Since it was the last Wednesday of the month, I was super "geeked" because all apparel is half off on that day. I don't have any pictures of my fabulous finds but I did run across the video about the store on, who would've thought!

I have been living in the "Season of the Dress" (particulary vintage) for some time now, so there's no wonder as to why thats all i purchased last nite. I found some great 80's, and early 90's inspired dresses. I can't wait to go out this weekend!!!!

Since I dont have any pictures yet, here's a very dope website for my Vintage Fashionistas. The Urban Collection is a selection of the finest vintage sourced from across the globe.

Check out these really fly vintage dresses all available @ The Urban Collection.

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Nik E. said...

Everything they had was a small or extra small...BOOOOOOO!!!