Monday, July 5, 2010



 The Atlanta foursome Hollyweerd. These guys do it again with their umteenth? mixtape entitled Edible Phat 2.0, hosted by DJ Don Cannon. EP 2.0 features collaborations from Gripplyaz, Pill, Rapper Big Pooh, and more; with production from Operation ADD, The Weathermen, SMKA and others. 

I'm really diggin Miss America...but these dudes never seem to let me down. They make it look so Supa Easy!!

Hollyweerd - Edible Phat 2.0 Tracklist
01. Cannon Intro
02. Operation HOLLY [prod. OPERATION ADD] / Glow in the Dark (ft. Grip Plyaz) [prod. Scoot Beatz]
03. Lost Love [prod. The Weathermen]
04. Fixxin [prod. The Weathermen]
05. Love Me (ft. Rapper Big Pooh) [prod. OPERATION ADD]
06. Narrow-Minded Bending w/ Yesterday New Quartet
07. Supa Eazy [prod. OPERATION ADD]
08. 7:39pm [prod. The Weathermen]
09. Miss America (ft. Joe Scudda) [prod. Scoot Beatz]
10. Yah-Yah [prod. Vic&Shaff]
11. Stay True [prod. Corey Moten]
12. Cut it Out (ft. Rozzi Dame & Grip Plyaz) [prod. Dam-Funk]
13. Don’t Believe the Hype [prod. Scoot Beatz]
14. So What! (ft. Aleon Craft) [prod. SKMA]
15. Monkey (ft. DJ Wreckineyez) [prod. C.Jesus]
16. Life’s Funny [prod. Super Dave West]
17. The Rooftop w/ Lupin III
18. So Check It (ft. Pill) [prod. Corey Moten]
Edible Phat 2.0 Back Cover

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