Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Biggest PR Move of the Year!!!!

I have always been a fan of Chris Brown and yes I did feel as though people had been gooin extremely hard on the guy since the incident with Rhiana. I believe everyone makes mistakes and deserves second chances. And at the 2010 BET Awards that took place on June 28 2010, CB had the opportunity to "LIVE" again. He graced the stage and did an impeccable performance during the Michael Jackson Tribute. And one of the best to date!!! 

This guy CB has been black listed from many events and to be able to perform the MJ tribute, and be introduced by Jermaine Jackson spoke volumes. And for all the people not over it, really ask yourself  are you really going to boo CB while he's performing a MJ Anniversary Tribute? This was a great PR move... but now everything that happened during the performance was sheer magic. I shed a tear!  It was humble,vulnerable and he kicked ass with the dance moves!Check it out below if you missed it or watch it again! 

Thanks to Necole Bitchie for Video.

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Goldi gold said...

Dude ain't Back. The public finally accepted him back. people act like their perfect. Let that dude live and learn and stop blocking that cat light. i guess this would be the best time to drop that movie Takers. But of course