Monday, June 15, 2009

New Bio: Richelle L. Brown

This is a Bio for Richelle L. Brown, a new dope artist/singer/songwriter out of ATL, that I recently completed. It took a bit longer than I projected for it to take but I definitely think it reflects her style and music, I was really proud of this one (Interview, research, reflect). Feel free to give your feedback. Look out for here in a city near you!!!!!!

Bringing back true moxie and funk to the music sphere. Richelle L. Brown is that missing energy. Crowned the new queen of Electro Funk Dance Music, a passionate singer, songwriter and performer birthed from that gritty red clay and southern spunk of what we innately call Georgia. Richelle L. Brown joins the movement of retro songstresses that are invading the hyperspace experience. Similar to the Acid Jazz wave of the 90’s that garnered such artist as Nadea Davenport; Richelle L. Brown is that new funk.

Her passion for music sparked during a time when V-103 had more than 10 songs in rotation, and her frequent regimen in Conyers, GA was sitting shotgun in her mothers Eagle Summit Hatchback, driving down West Avenue or detouring the back streets as the sounds of The Funkadelics, R. Kelly, Parliament, Janet Jackson, Chaka Khan and Keith Sweat, resonated through her ears.

Fast forward over a decade and Richelle L. Brown’s introduction song, “Swagga Black Country Queen” is that 2009 vivid snapshot of an everyday southern socialite lifestyle, where candy colored Chevy Dunks parade down Peachtree, hipsters dance on the bar at the Royal or congregate at MJQ, and ladies fashionably costumed sporting exclusive knee-hi Chuck Taylor’s under an 80’s vintage dress, showcasing what’s really meant by “country queen vintage exclusive”.

The debut ep, “Tha Example Project” will take you on a voyage of Open Experimental Music thoughtfully constructed to provoke an undeniable progression of music themed by that lifestyle with just the right balance of funk and mojo, that listeners have eagerly waited for. And as open and free as a celestial vessel, the experience of Richelle L. Brown will leave you feeble with only a passion to inspire and move your body.

So lace up your Chucks and enjoy the energy of Richelle L. Brown.

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