Thursday, April 2, 2009

Not Allen "THE ANSWER" Iverson....

So for those that don't know I've been in a sports rut for the past month or so and it seems things are getting worse. From my Clippers and Bengals having terrible seasons, TJ leaving the Bengals for the Seahawks (Insert Gas Face)I still cringe at the thought of it and now my man A.I. is considering retirement. This has really been one hell of a sports year for your girl.
To know me is to know my love for Allen Iverson. I believe I came into this world with a passion for basketball and have truly had two NBA crushes ... Benjamin (BJ) Armstrong and Allen Iverson. BJ held it down until about 94 when he left the Bulls and headed to Golden State. I was in limbo for a good year until the 1995 men's college basketball season rolled around and I was introduced to Allen Iverson. Call it love (lust hell I was in 9th grade...sue me) but from that moment on I followed that man's journey. I'm talking pre-cornrows...One Bulldog tattoo on his arm, I was there.

I was one of those poster kids. My mom allowed me to do whatever to my room (thanks mom) and trust you couldn't see one speck of paint on my walls, closet or door for the matter because they were covered with photos. I worked at Kids Footlocker the summer the first Answers came out and I was the 1st person with them, the 76ers beat the Lakers the first game of the NBA finals during the 2000-2001 season my phone blew up, every year for Christmas my Step Father bought me tickets to see the 76ers play the Clippers until I got my internship with the organization and in turn gave them season tickets.

I say all this to say my love for A.I. goes way back and the news of him retiring just messed up my day. Where did the time go? I still see him as the kid from VA who was a little rough around the edges, now he's a few months shy of his 34th birthday. In NBA years that's up there. This man has played through injury season in and season out and it's starting to show. His numbers are down, minutes low and to make matters worse the Pistons have him coming off the bench. I truly believe Allen has a couple of good years left in him. The system in Detroit really just doesn't suit his style of play. Hopefully he can test the free agency waters this summer and find a better fit. he claimed last night he will retire before he comes off the bench and I feel him.

Time to bust out my old school red/white/blue 76ers jersey in honor of my boy Allen "THE ANSWER" Iverson.

Read Allen's interview here


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